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Alexander The Human Resource - 895 Words

Alexander, at the age of 25, started working at the local bank as a teller. During his time there, he became great friends with another 25 year old teller, Samantha. While having a lunch break discussion, Samantha told Alexander that her daughter, Avery, is extremely ill and that she requires an operation in order to survive. She also told him that she does not have any medical insurance and the operation will cost about $7,500. Some time later, Alexander asked Samantha about Avery’s condition and in response Samantha told him that Avery recovered. She then confides in Alexander that she borrowed the money from a dormant account at the bank to pay for the operation. Samantha assured Alexander that she has already started paying back the money and will continue to do so until it is all returned. Should Samantha have taken the money? Should Alexander report this case to the human resource? There are two positions that can be taken in this dilemma. Alexander can either report this situation to the human resource or leave it as a confidential, private matter. Due to company policy, if reported, Samantha risks losing her job along with facing possible jail time for taking the money without authorization. Also, she still would have to pay back the â€Å"borrowed† money. On the other hand, if Alexander remains quiet, he also would be in violation of the company’s policy and could lose his job as well. However, Samantha’s job and friendship will remain intact, she can continue to payShow MoreRelatedHuman Population And Its Impact On The Environment921 Words   |  4 Pagesindividuals must die to stabilize the population. Humans are no exception to this rule, as their populations are constrained by such density dependent factors as the availability of food, land, and other resources. Growth in the human population in particular, profoundly worsens the ef fect on the environment as well, based on the IPAT equation which states that population directly contributes to environmental impact. With the rapid growth that the human population is undergoing, researchers predict thatRead MoreButcher Boys by Jane Alexander1649 Words   |  7 PagesJeremy Steffen 11/30/13 Arts of Africa DAkpem Butcher Boys Butcher Boys is a work of art created by Jane Alexander in 1985-86. Jane Alexander is a caucasian female who was born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1959, and grew up in South Africa during the tumultuous political and cultural atmosphere of apartheid and the fight for civil rights. This location, or more specifically the cultural, social and political aspects of this location, affected Alexanders work, Butcher Boys. The artist states,Read MoreEmployment Law: Legal Process for a Discrimination Complaint1424 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom the state level up to the United States Supreme Court. Analyzing the Scenario Scenario: John is an employee in a private sector organization [and he] wants to file a discrimination complaint against his employer (University of Phoenix rEsources, 2005, Week 1). After reviewing this scenario, it was discovered that no details were provided as to the context of John s discrimination complaint excluding the following three facts: (1) John, by name, represents a male subject, (2) he is employedRead MoreExpanding Beyond Philosophy: Aristotle919 Words   |  4 Pagesis for human behavior. Aristotle believed achieving happiness was humanity’s chief goal. He structured all human behavior into a pyramid detailing the actions leading to this goal. Many say Aristotle is the person behind all of the success of Alexander the Great. Aristotle’s childhood friend King Phillip II of Macedonia asked Aristotle to supervise his son Alexander’s education. At the time future Alexander the Great was only 13. Sources range from how long he actually tutored Alexander for; theRead MoreAlexander The Great Impact On History783 Words   |  4 PagesJenna Layton Global Period 9 Mr Flynn Alexander The Great Throughout history, Alexander The Great had many major accomplishments. Prior to this, he also had a big impact on history. Through 336 to 323 bc, Alexander was the king of Macedon. Alexander The Great always wanted to have supreme power over humans. He also led a group called the Corinthian League. This league entrusted Alexander with many military power to fight with Persia. A little while after, he proceededRead MoreWhy Managers Are Considered Change Agents Within An Organization1630 Words   |  7 Pagesorganization’s current state. A list of all the necessary changes is made; this list is contains opportunities and challenges, the organization may encounter. Next, the resources as well as sources used to identify the necessary changes are listed. These lists are used to categorize the information for rating. A diagnosis was done at Alexander Mann solutions in order to identify the changes to be made in the firm. This is a proposal of the changes to be considered by senior management. The proposal willRead MoreThe Presentation Presented By Zoe Madams932 Words   |  4 Pagesthe inclusion of independent contractors. She mentions that such contractors were reluctant to â€Å"buy into the program† and among other things, they were unwilling to utilize the parent company’s adopted software, which was a requirement (Madams Alexander, 2013). From the video it seems like the issues with contractors came after the projects were kicked off and started, which makes me think that a better job could have been done by providing clear guidance and setting specific requirements duringRead More Occupational Safety and Health Act Essay912 Words   |  4 Pagesthat employees are not exempt and shall comply with occupational safety and health standards under this Act. Employee conduct, must comply with the OSHA rules and regulations and orders which are applicable to their own action and conduct (Bennett-Alexander-Hartman: Employment Law for Business, Fourth Edition, p 690 p. 2-3). Background and Driving Force nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Getting started, the impetus to OSHA was to develop a new safety and or health standard in the workforce. Congress collectedRead MoreThe Field Of Nonprofit Management810 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelopment of leadership skills for nonprofit managers and provides education in areas such as general operations, human resources, strategies, and fund development (Nachmias, 2008). Students of nonprofit management also develop proficiency in other matters such as nonprofit legal issues, organizational development, donor relations, financial management and fund-raising, volunteer, and human resource management, and pro-gram evaluation, to name a few competencies (Nachmias, 2008).Many nonprofit managementRead MoreThe Organization And Businesses : Employee Turnover Cap1342 Words   |  6 Pageswithin the organization (Baumann, 2014). When the organization consults with its workforce, the level of retention will increase and productivity demand increase the companyâ€⠄¢s reputation. Human Resource Management The basic foundation of every business and organization is the Human Resource department. Human Resource managers manage workers within the organization in addition to the operation, and employment payroll aspects (Woods,2015). In Jiang, Lepak, Han, Hong, Kim, and Winkler (2012) clarifies

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Essay On Community Service Hours - 1557 Words

Should high school students have to complete community service hours to graduate? Goal or Thesis 2007, WA high schools to make community service compulsory The Western Australian Government is introducing a compulsory program which will force all high school students to complete community service work in order to graduate. The program will require students in years 10, 11 and 12 to do at least 20 hours of community service. Partnerships between schools and community service organisations will be central to the success of this program. Community service provides opportunities for young people to develop the values, skills and understandings needed to contribute to civic wellbeing. It will enable students to address many general†¦show more content†¦Activities that benefit the school environment or other students such as an art project, tree planting, recycling, gardening and other maintenance activities; or filling a support role at a school sporting, cultural or fundraising event. Activities undertaken following skills development or leadership programs such as peer mentoring or first aid duty in a school playground at recess or lunchtime. Activities that benefit the community such as helping to mind lost children at the Royal Show or manning a drinks station for a charity fun run. Work for non-profit organisations in areas such as aged-care, animal welfare, childcare, culture, education, health, disability services, refugee support or environmental sustainability. Participation in citizenship or leadership service activities such as youth advisory councils or youth parliament or ANZAC Day services. Home-based service given by young carers who have significant responsibility for aged, young, disabled or ill family members. 1-2 What does not count as community service Social and personal development activities that involve learning new skills or practising and/or developing existing skills through membership of a sporting, cultural or other kind of club or organisation such as playing in a band, singing in a choir, belonging to a football, drama, surf or judoShow MoreRelatedSelf Reflection Paper896 Words   |  4 Pageshardworking individual because of my work to become an Eagle scout, in the classroom, all the while working a thirty plus hour work week. Becoming an Eagle scout is a difficult process, involving hours of community service, work on various achievements and badges along with a final community project elapsing forty hours of work. Taking fifteen credits along with working thirty hours a week takes a lot of work and efficiency for almost anybody. These are all reasons of which Stephanie has witnessed overRead MoreResponsibility Essay1629 Words   |  7 Pagesquite often. This is the problem that Dave Eggers postulates a way of solvin g in his essay Serve Or Fail. Eggers idea of making public service volunteering a mandatory part of your college education is brilliant and would no doubt aid in many areas of College students lives. According to Eggers, â€Å"...students saw [†¦] hours in need of killing – as opposed to thinking about giving a few of [those] hours to [the] community in one way or another† (583). Given the choice, students would rather become championsRead MoreVisit A Social Service Agency1275 Words   |  6 PagesAgency Visit and Paper In completing this essay an opportunity was given to visit a social service agency to interview a social worker. The interview will focus on the educational background of the social worker, job duties, training, funding, organization structure, target population, recommended opportunities for growth, and the correlation between social work and course work. The social service organization essay will be based upon an agency called Center Line Park Towers which is located insideRead MoreCommunity Service As Punishment1735 Words   |  7 PagesCommunity service constitute an apologetic reparation that the person is now required to make to the community what he has wronged. The Indian Penal Code was the enacted in 1860 by virtue of the classic legal draftsmanship of Lord Macaulay. If there would have been a concept of community service prevalent at that time then the authors are sure that there would have been no need to urge the inclusion of the same in the Indian Penal Code. But since this exclusion by Macaulay is because of no faultRead MorePharmacists, Podiatrists, Clinical Social Workers Essay1406 Words   |  6 Pagesother health practitioners. The healthcare industry is designed to administer care 24 hours, respond to needs of patients, diagnose, and treat. The purpose of this industry is to combine the human touch with medical t echnology (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010). For this essay I chose a pharmacist, podiatrists, and a clinical social worker. These three professions are practiced at the Wai’anae Coast Community Health Center at 86-260 Farrington Highway, Wai’anae, HI. 96792. The consumers ownRead MoreThe Effects of Street Vending1422 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay is an attempt to discuss how community building through the community services partnership model can be used to provide possible solutions to the problem of street vending in the streets of Lusaka. In order to achieve the objective of our study, the essay will start by defining the key terms namely community development and street vending. Secondly, the essay will give a detailed explanation on how the community building through the community service partnership model can be used to provideRead MoreThe Quincy Clinic1168 Words   |  5 PagesThe Moses Lake Community Health Center is a small clinic located in Quincy, Wa, which is where I live. This clinic was built in 2002 but was remodeled about five years ago. Moses Lake Community Health Center (MLCHC) is a clinic that offers medical service, dental services, and other additional services such as WIC. Having all those resources combined has been great because you no longer have to travel far, all you need in the same place. This clinic has an amazing staff that is kind and respectfulRead MoreRole Of International Health And Security Organisation1529 Words   |  7 Pages ESUS 3 Coursework Essay Final Draft Title: Assess the role of international health and security organisation in responding to global epidemics. Focussing on two specified organisations, and based on your findings; indicate which strategies, must be placed in order to ensure preparedness for future epidemics. Epidemics Prevention Word count: 1553 Student name: Ali Alnassir Student number: 2260914 Tutor: Dominika Comas Submission date: 26.07.2016 The world is facing an increaseRead MoreThe New World Of Networked Individualism Essay1610 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction This essay will follow the idea of the new world of Networked individualism. Barry Wellman has created this term in which the idea of communications has changed between people as seeking these connections have expanded outside of immediate families and friends to larger extended groups from many different places not just from different cities or countries but across the globe. Rainie and Wellman (2012 p.11) state that people have been able to reach out beyond their small social circleRead MoreService Learning Project 767 Words   |  3 Pagesthis number truly was. I now understand why community service is required for most classes, because without us kids out volunteering the numbers would be substantially lower. This proves to be true by a study done by Debra Blum shows that hot spots for volunteer work is in college towns, such as Provo, Madison, Wisconsin and Iowa City, Iowa. To me this is pointing out that people that have higher education are more likely to give back to their c ommunities. This can be explained with certain theories

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Human Resource Management Theory Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Human Resource Management Theory. Answer: Introduction Human resource is undeniably one of the most important resources within an organization. Thus, the development of above-board human resource management strategies is crucial within the contemporary business environment. Human resource management refers to the use of human resource practices to attain and (or) maintain a competitive advantage (Mathis Jackson, 2010, p. 40). Some of the relevant strategies include talent acquisition, talent deployment, and rewarding talent among many others. To maintain a competitive advantage against rival companies, organizations need to offer unique packages that attract the interest of potential employees. Therefore, management needs to understand the needs of the workforce and provide opportunities that offer the highest level of job satisfaction. As a marketing tool, Google has sought to create exposure about their organizations resourcefulness and upscale working environment through online videos. One such video is titled the Google Recruitment Video. To create awareness about what it is really like to work at Google, the video interviews various professionals talking about different including the decision making process; job satisfaction derived from observable impact, workplace interaction, compensations and benefits, among several others. This essay will analyze some of the key messages brought out about Google as an employer, effectiveness of the employment offer according to human resource management theory, and finally some of the challenges that Google could face during their recruitment process. Key Messages about Google as an organization and as an employer Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. According to Burma (2014, p. 85-86), companies such as Google come by such success by understanding the importance of human resource management practices within the workplace. Effective HRM practices result in employees fitting well into their job space and team work within the institution(Burma, 2014, p. 85).The companys success can be attributed to some of the main points brought out in their recruitment video. First, Google has an open and interactive communication system that ensures ideas flow freely up and down the command chain. This prevents the traditional bureaucratic structure that slows down communication channels and hinders timely action on employee feedback. In essence, what takes years to do in other organizations happens in weeks or days in Google. Second, the level of job satisfaction achieved by employees is tremendous. Googles products are practical and widely used; therefore, employees get to interact w ith people who use the very products they have worked on. Consequently, the big impact of their input in the organization and society is apparent and directly witnessed by most Google employees. Third, as an organization, Google has created policies that uphold the ideal of balancing life and work. For instance, the company takes good care of employees with children by not only giving them substantial time before and after the births of their children, but also giving them paid leaves for better support. Furthermore, the company has developed a wonderful working environment that supports physical nourishment through free healthy food, as well as top notch facilities to ensure employees keep fit. Provision of convenient living spaces makes it easier for Google employees to balance their life and work. This approach goes hand in hand with the JD-R model which states that work performance is influenced by job and resource intervention. Employees with enough resources are empowered to better impact their job and personal environments(Van Wingerden, Derks, Bakker, 2015). Finally, the interactive nature encouraged through the 20% Google rule and Tech talks makes it easier for emp loyees to pick each others minds. According to the companys policy, employees are encouraged to use 20% of their work time to develop something that is work related but also interests them personally. This is bound to foster a feeling of entitlement and passion in Google employees; therefore leading to higher productivity levels. Through the above-mentioned points, there is an overall outline of the nature of the Google Company as an organization and as an employer. Apply HRM theory on the effectiveness of the video to attract the right candidates Human resource management has been subject to studies in the past. Several theories have contributed to the subjects understanding. This segment will utilize the resource based view model and the motivation theory to determine the videos ability to attract the right candidates. The resource based view model states that an organizations competitiveness stems from the nature of its resources. According to the theory, a companys resources have to exhibit the VRIO traits. This means they have to be valuable, rare, and non-imitable and organization in terms of ability to exploit for the resources potential(Nothnagel, 2008, p. 27). This applies to the human resource management sector as well because Googles success depends upon the companys ability to match opportunities with the appropriate resources. The company therefore strives to develop an unmatched workforce that cannot be copied by other organizations. According to the resource based view approach, investment in people is a value adding tactic to the firm(Nothnagel, 2008, pp. 27-28). On the other hand, the motivation theory looks into the various factors that affect goal-oriented behavior; therefore investigating the various human resource strategies that influence employees to work. According to the theory, intrinsic motivation comes from within the employee based on the role and design of their job(Armstrong, 2010, p. 10). Previous studies have shown that traditional compliance laws in companies have not been as productive as desired. Compliance driven by legal provisions and cost-benefit concepts has failed to inspire pro-active conduct within organizations. Rather, the use of intrinsic motivation methods is more influential on behavior of employees within corporations(Hofeditz, Nienaber, Dysvik, Schewe, 2015). Thus, organizations such as Google provide job opportunities that inspire employees to attain higher goals both in their jobs and their personal lives. Such can be evidenced by factors such as project allocation based on ones passion, freedom of associ ation and movement within the organization, and effective communication channels. In consideration of both theories, the video is highly likely to attract the right set of potential employees because it emphasizes on the uniqueness of the company and the workforce. People with interests that align with the companys structure are likely to learn of the company culture, demands and expectations from the video. On the other hand, the uniqueness of how the company treats its employees is quite clear. Therefore, the level of motivation inspired by the company is highly attractive to potential employees of Google. Challenges Google faces in their recruitment process One of the most notable characteristics of Google is its size; the vastness of its products and services. The complexity of the job roles within the organization cannot be undermined. For instance, some of the most troublesome issues the company has faced include the various language problems that arise when dealing with people of different nationalities. Similarly, system problems also arise based on the various projects underway at any particular time. This dynamic nature of the organization translates to difficulties during the recruitment stages. It is rare to find people with the kind of stamina that is required to overcome some of the job demands that come with working at Google. The company also requires people with a unique mind that is naturally innovative and easily rises to the challenges of new inventions. Therefore, finding the rare technical mind that aligns with the companys product and service line could be problematic for the organization. According to the human capital theory, the attainment of high levels of education or investment is directly related to the potential success of a person in future(Kaba, 2013, p. 5). In essence, this theory suggests that the value of an employee is directly related to their level of education. Despite this being the main ideology in recruitment in contemporary society, Google identifies passion as one of the most important prerequisite of employment. Therefore, finding educated people fit to fill positions within the company may not be a challenge; however, finding passionate people who have the education may not be as easy. Finally, Google and many other companies of their caliber outshine start-ups and small businesses. This also means that such companies are the most desired in the market. Consequently, the number of applications that Google receives from all over the world is enormous. Sifting through millions of applications from qualified and unqualified applicants could be a ma jor setback in the recruitment process. Conclusion In conclusion, Google is one of the best employers in the current business environment. The company has proven its commendable organizational culture through development of good communication channels. Employees feel valued because their ideas and concerns are acted upon in a timely fashion. The company also maintains a close knit atmosphere. Constructive interaction enables employees to know each others strengths and contributions to the operation of the companys strategies. This gives the vast company a start-up fill despite its size. The company also assists in balancing personal life and work life. Googles policies support healthy lifestyles and offer great leave packages for people who need them. The facilities also accommodate family setups for better productivity. References Armstrong, M. (2010). Armstrong's Essential Human Resource Management Practice: A Guide to People Management. Philadelphia, PA: Kogan Page Publishers. Burma, Z. A. (2014). Human Resource Management and Its Importance for Todays Organizations. International Journal of Education and Social Science, 1(2), 85-94. Hofeditz, M., Nienaber, A.-M., Dysvik, A., Schewe, G. (2015). Want to Versus Have to: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators as Predictors of Compliance Behavior Intention. Human Resource Management, 56(1), 25-49. Kaba, A. (2013). Profile of Contributors to the American Economic Review, 2010: Human Capital Theory, Gender and Race. USA: Scientific Research Publishing. Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J. H. (2010). Human Resource Management (13th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning. Meditatta, B., Bick, J. (2007, October 21). The Google Way: Give Engineers Room. Retrieved from The New York Times : Nothnagel, K. (2008). Empirical Research within Resource-Based Theory: A Meta-Analysis of the Central Propositions. Frankfurt : Springer Science Business Media. Van Wingerden, J., Derks, D., Bakker, A. B. (2015). The Impact of Personal Resources and Job Crafting Interventions on Work Engagement and Performance. Human Resource Management, 56(1), 51-67.

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8 Best Essay Writing Tips for Smart Students

When it comes to exploring different ways and approaches through which the task of essay writing could be accomplished in the desired manner then students need to focus on their writing skills first of all. The domain of essay writing is very old and with the passage of time it has added various attributes in order to make itself more innovative and contemporary. As a result, the phenomenon of essay writing has been applied in the domain of academic education for so many years since its inception. Therefore, the importance of essay writing needs to be assumed in the right direction by the students. This aspect should be kept in mind that students of modern era still lack writing abilities and because of this reason they are unable to come up with the expectations of their teachers. In addition, students are struggling to write the essays in the required manner as they are already involved in various kinds of academic tasks and assignments. Considering the significance of essay writing in the area of educations students are highly recommended to follow the below-mentioned tips so that they could become proficient essay writers in the future. These awesome and amazing tips are described as follows: Analyze the Essay topic First of all, being a writer you should comprehend this aspect that there is need of understanding as well as exploring the topic of essays as much as possible. By the help of this exercise, students or writers can easily understand the demands and other requirements of essay writing to a large extent. During the process of essay writing, writers, as well as students, are required to use the notion of creativity to a considerable level so that they could come up and at the same time provide the best possible outcomes. Introduce the topic sufficiently After analyzing the topics of different essays in the right manner, students should also focus on writing impressive introductions. This is crucial to understand this aspect that impressive introductions enhance the interest levels of various target readers in the desired way. Therefore, writers are needed to influence the minds of readers to a certain extent and this job can be easily done with the help of influential and productive introductions. Questions or issues should be answered effectively This attribute should be taken into consideration that there are different sorts of issues and questions involved in each and every type of essay. Therefore, a good writer is someone who knows how to anticipate the situation in the desired manner. In these kinds of scenarios you are needed to use your creativity extent in a reasonable way. By doing so, there is the likelihood that you can develop and at the same time answer the questions and issues of essays in the right course or track. Planning needs to be done All successful essays can be easily identified with the help of interesting and productive outlines. For that reason, writers are supposed to write outlines in order to produce the outlook and structure in an appropriate method. Therefore, planning should be given ample amount of importance because planning makes the essay writing tasks different and wonderful as well.   The outlines of essays should include the introduction of the essay and at the same time, they should also focus on the main body in which relevant real life examples along with related approaches and assumptions should be applied too. The last part of essays should be composed of meaningful conclusions in which the outcomes or practical results of the essays should be discussed in an appealing style.   In general, the task of essay writing could be completed by the help of following these three main sections of essay writing. Focus on the length of essays too The proficient writers are those who know how to start and complete the tasks of essay writing in an efficient and productive mode. The word counts should be ideally appropriate so that all sections of essays are covered in an attractive way. In this concern, writers should also concentrate on the deadlines so that they could effectively plan their timing schedule in a proficient method. This is an important aspect to consider that readers want to read interesting content and therefore being a successful and highly productive writer you should know the adequate length of successful essays. Recheck all the content of essays again After carefully and successfully finishing the activity of essay writing, writers should again perform the task of rechecking in which they should evaluate each and every aspect of essays. After doing this activity, the probability of essays approvals are increased and during these situations, all kinds of proofreading and editing work should be nicely done. This whole task of proofreading and rechecking develops the impacts and consequences of essays in the required style. Hence, this activity must be conducted during the process of writing any essay piece or content. Compare the actual outcomes with the planned outcomes The actual results of the essays should be effectively compared with the planned results or outcomes so that you can judge how much you have achieved with the help of this essay. In this way, the objectives can be measured to a large extent and at the same time, you can also develop or allocate realistic goals and objectives for future essay writing tasks. Therefore, this activity should be performed in the best possible way for the purpose of enhancing the reputation and goodwill of essays to a next level. Submit your Masterpiece In the last but not the least, it is high time to impress your fellow students and educators with the assistance or support of your writing masterpieces. This is the way through which you can obtain desired deliverables of essay writing as a writer in the end. At this time, you are able to impress as well as influence the minds of target audiences or readers to a certain extent. Points to Remember This is a famous proverb that says success has no shortcuts; therefore, students should concentrate and analyze all these described attributes of essay writing in a reasonable manner.   This is another aspect which needs to be assumed because of its importance that writing is an art as it involves ample amount of creativity and cognitive abilities of a person. For that reason, writers should prepare themselves in order to use their analytical along with writing skills so that they could produce a marvelous piece of writing every time.

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Free Essays on Othello - Deception In Othello

William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Othello, is a play centred on the theme of deception. Throughout the play, Shakespeare uses this theme to develop the plot and to bring about the downfall of the title character. This is achieved principally through the dialogue of the character Iago in a number of key scenes, and its effect on both minor and major characters. The theme develops throughout the play in an ever-expanding web of lies that affects every character. The opening scene of the play immediately submerges the audience in deception via Iago’s speech. Iago is in conversation with the character Roderigo, who we later learn is being deceived by Iago. Iago is vowing that he follows his lord, Othello, not out of service, rather in the search for revenge. He actually states: â€Å" I follow him to serve my turn upon him.† This statement, in Act I, Scene 1 no less, clearly sets the stage for a play of deception and backstabbing. Iago proceeds to refute any allegiance to Othello for the next 25 lines! This speech is concluded with the line â€Å"I am not what I am.† By having this in the very first scene, Shakespeare acknowledges to the audience that deception will be a key theme in the play and will recur frequently. The full extent of the deception in the first scene is not revealed until Act I, Scene 3, when Iago reveals the truth in his soliloquy. Iago goes into detail on how he is in fact deceiving Roderigo into giving him money to by presents for Desdemona, a service Iago had not done and never intended to do. He goes on to say that: â€Å"Thus do I ever make my fool my purse; For I mine own knowledge should profane If I would time expend with such a snipe But for my sport and profit.† Iago openly admits that he has been deceiving Roderigo for money and for entertainment. This gives the first scene greater meaning whilst simultaneously exposing Iago as a true fraud to the aud... Free Essays on Othello - Deception In Othello Free Essays on Othello - Deception In Othello William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Othello, is a play centred on the theme of deception. Throughout the play, Shakespeare uses this theme to develop the plot and to bring about the downfall of the title character. This is achieved principally through the dialogue of the character Iago in a number of key scenes, and its effect on both minor and major characters. The theme develops throughout the play in an ever-expanding web of lies that affects every character. The opening scene of the play immediately submerges the audience in deception via Iago’s speech. Iago is in conversation with the character Roderigo, who we later learn is being deceived by Iago. Iago is vowing that he follows his lord, Othello, not out of service, rather in the search for revenge. He actually states: â€Å" I follow him to serve my turn upon him.† This statement, in Act I, Scene 1 no less, clearly sets the stage for a play of deception and backstabbing. Iago proceeds to refute any allegiance to Othello for the next 25 lines! This speech is concluded with the line â€Å"I am not what I am.† By having this in the very first scene, Shakespeare acknowledges to the audience that deception will be a key theme in the play and will recur frequently. The full extent of the deception in the first scene is not revealed until Act I, Scene 3, when Iago reveals the truth in his soliloquy. Iago goes into detail on how he is in fact deceiving Roderigo into giving him money to by presents for Desdemona, a service Iago had not done and never intended to do. He goes on to say that: â€Å"Thus do I ever make my fool my purse; For I mine own knowledge should profane If I would time expend with such a snipe But for my sport and profit.† Iago openly admits that he has been deceiving Roderigo for money and for entertainment. This gives the first scene greater meaning whilst simultaneously exposing Iago as a true fraud to the aud...

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Film Analysis Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Film Analysis - Movie Review Example She happened upon a truck stop Baghdad Cafe which is already dilapidated, yet struggling. Meanwhile, the owners of the cafe Brenda played by C.C.H. Pounder was also having an argument with his husband, and the husband left Brenda, too. Brenda is a tough wife-mother and short tempered. She was skeptic when Jasmin rented a room at an adjacent motel and remained suspicious of the foreigner’s motives. But later on, Jasmin and Brenda became friend and Jasmin was even allowed to work at the cafe. Percy Adlon claimed that the movie â€Å"exemplifies how one person in the right place can affect a community of lives,† may be a fictional exaggeration but achievable in reality through concerted efforts of major and minor characters. But the movie was able to build up in its simplicity through the gradual introduction of various characters. There were Brenda’s children including her son played by Darron Flag who played the piano, the glamorous tattoo artist Debby played by C hristine Kauffman, a former Hollywood set painter Rudi Coxx played by Jack Palance. The last two are just two of the regulars of the almost deserted cafe. So much like in real life, it took effort and initiative to foster change at any environment. And Jasmin’s German fastidiousness soon crept up she started cleaning her motel room and the cafe. She also developed fascination with savvy-talking Rudi who proposed to paint a series of portraits of Jasmin, with every painting bolder than the last. To keep herself engaged and busy, Jasmin also started learning the magic kit found in her suitcase and showing her skills to the thinning cafe customers. However, it was this small magic show that soon spread by word of mouth among the trucking community. The cafe soon peaked and packed. Through the presence and efforts of one person- Jasmin – Baghdad Cafe became a place to go. It became an interesting place because Jasmin started to care for the place and the people in it. The desert setting, a â€Å"middle of nowhere† feeling that is also a metaphor of what Jasmin and Brenda are going through: like a mid-life crisis that is so vast, bland, and nowhere to escape. The boomerang represents a reciprocal experience of what one gives and being returned, such as what Jasmin gave to the others, and then, returned back to her. The magic tricks, too, meant to represent the efforts that individuals provide for others may actually serve as trigger for surprising things to come. Such can be said to Rudi Coxx who has retired as a painter, and yet, he strangely began to have interest on the work again. In the beginning, a common denominator about the characters in Baghdad Cafe is their being stuck on a rut. Life has become so mundane and boring they seem to have succumbed to an end, a plateau. This can be said of Jasmin, Brenda, Rudi, and the rest of the characters of Baghdad Cafe. Yet, when Jasmin started to make the most of what she have, with cleaning materia ls at hand, perspectives have changed. From Brenda’s suspicion arose the glaring message that Jasmin might be sending. However, Jasmin did things out of sincerity and a need to address her own rut. Through her efforts, Rudi also started to have interest about painting, again. Brenda and her children became more inspired to improve the cafe. The presence of Jasmin, one person in the right place, has helped change the perspective of

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The positive and harmful effects of using a birth control Research Paper

The positive and harmful effects of using a birth control - Research Paper Example The positive and harmful effects of using a birth control can be best gauged by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods of preventing pregnancy. Barrier methods of birth control or contraception are methods that work by physically obstructing the vaginal canal, preventing the sperms from entering the woman’s uterus, thereby inhibiting fertilization. Gordon (2004) avers that the common forms of barrier methods of birth control are male and female condoms, spermicide and diaphragm. A male condom is a thin, flexible sheath made from latex, polyurethane or lambskin. Worn over an erect penis before intercourse, a male condom is equipped with a small reservoir at the tip which collects the sperms during ejaculation and prevents them from entering the vagina. It is the most easy to use, inexpensive and widely available form of contraceptive with no side effects unless one is allergic to latex. When used correctly and consistently, a male condom has an efficacy rate of 85- 86 percent. Gordon (2004) avers that the male condom reduces the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. On the flip side, a male condom is often accused of dulling sexual sensations and intruding intimate foreplay. A female condom is about a seven-inch long pouch with two flexible rings at each end. Inserted into the vagina prior to the intercourse, the female condom prevents the cervix, vaginal canal, and the surrounding vaginal skin from coming in contact with the penis or the secretions from the penis. The use of female condom entails the absence of any side effects except to the women who are allergic to latex. Ease of availability without prescription and potency to mitigate the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases are the advantages of using female condoms. Female condoms are however